Specialist for premium permanent magnets materials
Specialist for premium permanent magnets materials
Specialist for premium permanent magnets materials

Company Expertise

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Vormag Electronics is a Chinese enterprise dedicated to the design, manufacturing and supply of permanent magnet materials. We provide technical professional solutions to customers in various industries.
With the growth of in-house manufacturing capabilities, our product range has successfully expanded to include magnet systems and assembled parts.
As a market-oriented, globally active supplier and partner, our success is determined by excellent products and solutions. In order to meet these requirements we place particular emphasis on high-quality materials and services.
For the customers of vormag, we want to achieve optimum quality, safe delivery and competitiveness.The satisfaction of our customers is our incentive. our team spirit reflects in these areas:
With fairness and openness, we strive for trusting and long-term cooperation with our partners.
We work consistently on our performance and environmentally compatible development and manufacturing processes. 
Team members possess industry knowledge and perform their duties efficiently.
All employees must comply with our corporate policies. In this way, we want to permanently strengthen the trust of our business partners and the public in our integrity and performance.
The spirit of innovation makes the enterprise develop continuously.

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Technical Engineering

We offer standard magnets in various designs. Additionally, we offer custom magnets made from a variety of materials. Our technical consulting team will provide you with comprehensive industry knowledge support. With decades of experience, we are familiar with magnet applications and the technology behind them. As a result, we are able to provide customized solutions according to your requirements, thereby increasing technical and economic value.

In-house Manufacturing

With our in-house manufacturing capabilities and unique technology, we can take custom magnets with individual specifications from the drawing board to the production floor. We also stock magnetic alloys to speed prototyping and production. From rapid prototyping and small orders to high-volume production, our professional team is here to support your projects. 

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Quality Managment

In all our projects, quality is our primary focus. We guarantee that all products are made of high-quality materials and comply with ISO9001:2015; ISO14001:2015; and comply with REACH and Rohs standards. We provide a full range of inspection and meauring services using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that all our delivered products meet strict industry standards. We build a comprehensive quality management system that is constantly evolving to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Scope of our products

Magnet raw materials including the following types: 

Sintered neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) permanent magnet materials;

Anisotropic sintered strontium ceramic (SrFe2O3) permanent magnets materials;

Sintered samarium cobalt (Smco) magnet materials mainly 2:17 type;

AlNiCo magnets, both sintered and cast types;

Magnet systems and assemblies such as pot magnets with internal or external threads; counterbore magnets; steel housing magnets, hook magnets; rubber coated magnets;
Magnet stator and rotor assemblies;

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