Manufacturer and Supplier of Strong Permanent Magnets
Manufacturer and Supplier of Strong Permanent Magnets
Manufacturer and Supplier of Strong Permanent Magnets

Ningbo Vormag Electronics Co.,Ltd

Vormag Electronics is dedicated to manufacturing, supply and sales of permanent magnets. Our products expertise also cover magnetic system such as: pot magnets, holding magnets, rubber-coated magnets, magnet rotors etc. Our production facility locate in Ningbo & Anhui province, China. Over the decades, Vormag has successfully evolved and adapted our products, technologies, and manufacturing presence to meet the demands of current and emerging markets. We understand our responsibilities as a supplier and partner. We expect reliable and honest co-operation based on mutual benifits and respect.

As a Customs registered exporting enterprises, we are the active global supplier of rare earth magnets and permanent magnets materials. We operate domestic business and trading business in both Shanghai and Ningbo office. Now we have established long-run partnership with many ranked manufacturers from European countries, United Kingdom, Canada, the USA, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, India, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam.

We proundly provide our customers with those qualities during the cooperation:
Quality is always the most important thing we care about for each project;

Our products are conform to ISO9001:2015 (quality assurance system); ISO14001:2015 (environmental management systems); REACH and Rohs Compliant;

Reliable compliance with deadlines & Flexibility in production and deliveries;

Reliable collaboration and communication; 

Compliance with the principles of commercial responsibility;

Supporting small size of order or samples testing purpose;

Offering very competitive and good economic efficiency price; 

Constantly contribution of own development services in production and product development.